Basic Bible Course

Basic Bible Course


Lesson 1 – New Life      

This course will help you discover facts from God’s Word which you will need in order to

live life to its fullest. Through this study, you will gain an insight into the mind of

God, increase your knowledge of His will, and learn more of His plan for your life.

To answer the following questions, look up the Bible reference from the Gospel of John,

think through what the verse means, then either complete the blank or circle the

letter which you think is the most correct answer.

Why was the Gospel of John written? (John 20:30,31) _____________________________________ is eternal life? (John 17:3)

A. Getting baptized B. Doing good works

C. Living by the golden rule D. Knowing God and Jesus personally

Why do only a very few people live a genuine Christian Life? (John 5:40)

A. They are sinners

B. They will not come to Jesus

C. They don’t understand how to live a genuine Christian life

Where do we find the truth about Jesus? (John 5:38,39)

D. In religious books

E. By what other people say

F. The Bible

People without Christ in their hearts prefer evil to good. Why?

(John 3:19-20)

G. Because they can’t help it

H. Because there is greater pleasure in sin

I. Because they choose not surrender their hearts to Jesus

Who is able to take away our sins?______________________

What happens to those who do not let Jesus take away their sin?

(John 8:24 and 3:36)___________


At the trial, what fault was found in Jesus? (John 18:38 and 19:4) ____________________________


Why did God let His only Son die on the Cross? (John 3:16) ____________________________


After His death, how was Jesus Buried? (John 19:40-42) ______________________________


What happened to Jesus after he had been in the grave three days?

(John 20: 9-12, 17, 20) _____________________________________

What word means the same as “Believe” in John 1:12? _________

Have you ever received Jesus Christ into your heart as your

personal Savior and Lord?

If so, when? ___________________________________________

Lesson #2 – Jesus Christ, The Lord  

We are most happy that you are going on with your Bible Study. May we remind you again,

that the Lord desires for you to study His Word, and He Himself will teach you through

the Holy Spirit. Remember to answer each question from the Scripture references given in

the Gospel of John, using your own words.

This lesson teaches us some of the things Jesus actually said about Himself and His

relation to the Father, what others said about Him, and how we know for sure that we

have eternal life. May the Lord bless you as you prayerfully study His word.

How may we come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way? (John 5:39)


Who does Jesus say wrote about Him? (John 5:45-47) _____________________

What was John’s main testimony about Jesus? (John 1:34)__________________

A greater witness than John is who? (John 5:36-37)_______________________

What does Jesus say about those who claim to honor God, but do not honor the

Son? (John 5:23; 8:18-19)___________________________________________

What was Jesus really saying in calling God His Father? (John 5:17,18)


Why did they seek to kill Jesus? (John 10:30-33)_________________________

Jesus claimed to be: (John 8:56-59) Circle the correct answer:

A. 30 years of age B. Ageless & Eternal

C. About the same age as Abraham

How has God personally revealed Himself to man? (John 14:6-9)


If we come to Jesus, will He forsake us? (John 6:37)______________________

What does a person have, who sincerely believes in Jesus Christ as his

personal Savior? (John 6:47)________________________________________

What promise does He give to all who hear and believe Him? (John 10:27-29)


What three blessings are ours when we hear and believe Him? (John 5:24)

a. _______________________________________________________

b. ________________________________________________________

c. ________________________________________________________

If you were to die today, would you go to be with Jesus?__________________

How do you know?_________________________________________________

Have you taken Jesus’ promise in John 3:18, 36 as your own?_______________

Lesson #3 – The Abundant Life      

Your continued faithfulness in these Bible Studies indicates a heart that God will surely

bless abundantly. “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness,

for they shall be filled” (Matthew 5:6). Meeting Christ and receiving Him as your personal

Savior may take a moment of time, but to get to know Him and have your life conform

to His image is a matter of growth in fellowship through the Bible, prayer, and fellowship

in the local church. Sin is the only thing that blocks our union and communion with Jesus Christ.

Remember to use your own words as you prayerfully search the Scriptures for His answers

to the questions in this lesson.

Why did God send Jesus to die for us? (John 3:17) ________________________


What is the result of Jesus coming into our lives and our being saved?

(John 10:10b) ______________________________________________________

What is the abundant life in your own words?____________________________


How does Christ change our life? (John 15:3,4) __________________________


If God’s Word helps change us, what then must we do with God’s Word?

(John 2:22) _______________________________________________________

What is truth? (John 14:6; 17:17) _____________________________________

What does Jesus promise those who “know” the truth? (John 8:32)


If we actively believe the Scriptures, from what may we expect freedom

and over what victory? (John 8:34-36) _______________________________

What new promise belongs to those who believe and follow Christ?

(John14:13) ____________________________________________________

What are God’s conditions for answered prayer?

a. John 15:7 ________________________________________________

b. John 16:23________________________________________________

c. John 9:31 _________________________________________________

It is God’s desire that you share in the abundant life. Can you honestly say that you have

an abundant life right now?______ How do you think we can have the abundant

life? _______________________________________________ (See #2 above)

God also desires that you pray to Him. Have you asked and received a specific answer

to prayer in the last month?______ Do you have a set time each day when you pray?______

If not, take the time to set a daily time to pray.

Truly take God at His Word and claim His promises according to the Bible,

then pray a specific

request from your heart to God until you are certain that God has heard you

and will answer it.

Nothing can take the place of a specific time for daily prayer with God. Another help in prayer

is the “prayer list”. Write down the names of certain people and things you want to pray for,

and speak them specifically to God and then believe God for great answers.

Suggested Assignment: Memorize John 10:10

Lesson #4 – The Disciple   

A disciple is a follower and a learner. Jesus never looked only for converts, but also for disciples.

His command to the disciples was to “go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.”

This was His last earthly command! It takes a disciple to win and build another disciple for

Jesus Christ. This study will aid you in finding His will for your life in discipling men for Jesus.

Be sure to answer each question in your own words, after prayerful meditation on the verses given.

The True Disciple—the marks of reality.

What are the marks of a true disciple of Jesus Christ?

John 1:37 ________________________________________________________

John 8:31 ________________________________________________________

John 13:34,35 _____________________________________________________

What, therefore, is the heart’s prayer of every true disciple? (John 3:30)


The Obedient Disciple – the marks of responsiveness.

Who is truly a friend of the Lord Jesus: (John 15:14) _____________________

If a man truly loves the Lord, what two things will he DO with Christ’s

commands? (John 14:21) _____________________and __________________

Why is it that many so-called converts never become true disciples of Christ?

(John 12:42,43) __________________________________________________

The Fruitful Disciple—the marks of relationship.

What can we, in ourselves, do for the Lord Jesus? (John 15:5)_______________

What does the Good Shepherd promise His sheep which He leads?

(John 10:4) ______________________________________________________

Fruit is the natural result of what? (John 15:5) __________________________

When Andrew met Jesus, what three things did he do? (John 1:40-42)




Where are we sent? (John 17:18) _____________________________________

Why? (John 15:16) ________________________________________________

What two things are necessary for the care of those who are new in the faith?

(John 13:1) ______________________ and (John 21:16) ___________________

How may we be treated if we follow our Lord? (John 15:18-20) _____________


What happens to everyone who does not accept Christ as Savior? (John 3:18 &

John 8:24) _____________________________ Do you believe that?________

Have you personally witnessed to anyone about Jesus? _________

Sin, ignorance, laziness, and fear can keep us from consistently winning others to Jesus.

If you have been fruitless, why not confess it now and ask Christ to lead you to someone

who needs Him. Fruit is excess life, the daily overflow of the life of Christ through us. Daily

spending time in prayer and Bible study, together with consistent memorizing of Scripture,

is a basic essential for Spirit-led witnessing. May the Lord show each of our hearts the need

of telling others of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Suggested Assignment: Memorize John 15:5

Lesson #5 – Claiming the Promise   

A promise is “one’s pledge to another to do or not to do what is specified.” God has placed

in the Bible over 3,000 “pledges” to do. Some of His promises are conditioned on specific

obedience; others are unconditional. But all must be claimed by faith to receive

their blessings.

To claim is to “grasp as due.” There are over sixty promises in the Gospel of John.

Some of the most wonderful are listed in this study.

Carefully look up the reference, write the answer in your own words, then prayerfully

examine your own life in the light of each promise. Are you new believing it and using it in

your own daily life?

Promises to believers:

Jesus makes three wonderful promises to all who hear His Word and believe.

What are they? (John 5:24) a.________________________________________

b.__________________________________ c. ____________________________

List some of the blessings to be claimed by those who truly believe in Him.

(John 8:51; 11:26) _________________________________________________

(John 12:46) ______________________________________________________

(John 15:5, 16) _____________________________________________________

(John 16:33) ______________________________________________________

Where is Jesus and what three things does He promise us? (John 14:2,3)


Promises to obedient believers:

What is Jesus’ promise to those who serve Him as their Lord? (John 12:26)


If we do what Jesus asks, two promises may be claimed from Him. Name them.

(John 14:23) _____________________________________________________

The greatest treasures are priceless. What does Jesus freely give to those who

Claim these promises? a. (John 14:27) ________________________________

b. (John 10:11,15)____________________ c. (John 15:9) ___________________

If we faithfully practice what Jesus says, we have His __________________

in us now. (John 15:11)

Promises about the Holy Spirit:

Who comes as a “river of living water” to all who believe? (John 7:38,39)

___________________________. We must remember, however, that the blessed

Holy Spirit is not a liquid to fill an empty vessel. He is a person who controls all

who believe and will yield themselves to Him. Let us seek to know Him through

the Scriptures and obey His leadings. “For as many as are led by the Spirit of

God, they are the sons of God.”

Since the Holy Spirit is given to all who believe in Jesus, what is His promise?

(John 14:16)_____________________________ How long will He stay in us?

(John 14:16)______________________________________________________

What is the first work of the Holy Spirit in anyone’s life? (John 16:8)


What does He promise to do in the believer? (John 16:13)

Jesus promises happiness to those who ________________________(John 13:17)

What verse in this study will you prayerfully believe NOW and claim for your

life? _____________________________________________________________

“For all the promises of God, in Him are “yes” and in Him “Amen,”

unto the Glory of God by us. “2 Corinthians 1:20

Suggested Assignment: Memorize John 14:27

Lesson #6 – Meditation  

Meditation on the Word of God is perhaps the most neglected single spiritual avenue

of blessing that Christians have today. It is the doorway to the application of the great

truths of the Bible to our hearts. Meditation has been called “reflective thinking with a

view to application.”

Two of God’s greatest promises are conditioned on meditation.

Look up Psalm 1:2,3 and Joshua 1:8.

The suggestions below will help you “break down” a verse or thought so that it

can be grasped, and applied to our own life. This is the real purpose of the Bible—

to change us and conform us to the image of the Son of God by the power of the

Holy Spirit. Should not this be the desire of every Christian?

Choose one of these verses for your meditation: John 14:21; John 15:5;

John 16:24; or John 16:33. Circle the verse you chose. Now, read half a dozen

verses before and after the verse you have chosen. See every verse in its

Scripture setting and context.

Write out the verse in your own words—make yourself rethink just what the

verse says in the natural way you would say it, or paraphrase it to another person.

DO NOT COPY IT. _______________________________________________



Answer the following questions about the verse. Write out any part that fits

your verse. Not every question suits every verse listed. Use your own words in answering.

What one or two words in this verse seems to you to be the most important or

basic? ________________________________________________________

Does this verse have:

A promise to claim and believe? If so, what is it? _______________

A command to obey and follow? If so, are there any conditions for the

promise being answered? ___________________________________

A blessing from God to thank Him for? ________________________

Why do I need this verse in my life? ________________________________

What does this verse teach me for my life? ___________________________

Prayerfully think through on how you can use this verse in your life now (to meet a

personal need, help a friend, believe God, trust God, increase prayer, witness, etc.).

Write down what you will do with this verse in your life this week. Be specific,

personal, and pointed.

I will: _______________________________________________________________






Suggested Assignment: Memorize 1 Timothy 4:15

Lesson #7 – Believer’s Baptism  

Now that you have completed six lessons dealing with the Christian Life,

you probably are asking,

“Where do I go from here?” Throughout these lessons we have used the

Bible as our authority, so let’s continue to do so.

In studying the New Testament we find that upon receiving the Lord Jesus Christ

as Savior and Lord, believers were obedient to the Lord in believer’s baptism.

What is baptism?

Baptism is the immersion in water of a person who has received Jesus Christ as Savior.

This is done as a public testimony of the new relationship existing between the believing

sinner and His Savior.

What is the significance of baptism?

Baptism is an external and visible act which is symbolic of an internal and

invisible experience.

This baptism has been authorized by Christ and has been practiced in the church since the

beginning of the church. It signifies the inner experience of the believer in his relationship to

the Lord Jesus Christ, made effective by the Holy Spirit.

What is our authority?

It was commanded by Christ in Matthew 28:19

It was preached by the Apostle Peter in Acts 2:38

It was practiced by the Apostolic Church in Acts 2:41; 8:12,36-39; 9:18;

and 10:47-48. (Read these verses carefully.)

What does baptism declare?

That union with Christ is a living reality (Galatians 3:26,27; Colossians 2:12; &

John 15:4-6).

That the believer’s sins have been removed through the work of Jesus Christ on

the cross (Romans 6:3-10; Galatians 2:20 and 3:13).

That true identification with Jesus Christ in the reality and power of the

resurrection life is possible (Romans 6:3-10).

The Lordship of Christ over your life (Galatians 3:27 and Matthew 28:19).

Test Yourself:

Have you been baptized since you repented of your sins and received Jesus Christ

as Savior? ______________

Why should you be baptized? (Scripture verse and in your own words)





What does Matthew 28:19 mean to you? ________________________________





Will you submit to “believer’s baptism” as a means of publicly and outwardly and

ceremonially confessing Jesus Christ as your personal Savior as soon as you have

the opportunity? _________________ If you will not, why not? ____________



Lesson #8 – Church Membership   

We should stay in Christian Fellowship.
Hebrews 10:15

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